SimpleSleep's Toddler learning guide (12months +)

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The simplesleep Toddler learning guide covering all things sleep!

This is a quick and easy guide giving you the knowledge and skills to gently and effectively aid your child into better sleep. You can listen to it anywhere anytime. On your way to work, or on a walk.

What’s included?

  • Sleep needs cheat sheet
  • Access to 2 educational videos on attachment and crying
  •  Audio 25 minutes:

Sleep environment

Managing overtiredness

Awake windows

Pre bedtime routine

Successful bedtime routines

Sleep associations 

Positive tools

Settling strategies

Managing night wakings


Understanding emotions

This is perfect for parents wanting to improve their toddlers bedtimes and sleep without the big costs or commitments.

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SimpleSleep's Toddler learning guide (12months +)

0 ratings
I want this!